Cost 2500 Paper Points
Weight Heavy
Size Small
Bounces? Explodes

"Boom goes the dynamite!"

The Grenade is the second most expensive throwing item in Paper Toss 2.0, costing 2500 paper points. It is one of the most useful items for achievements and can burn or destroy several objects and characters in the game. This item is also heavy and hardly gets affected by the wind for short-distance baskets while having the ability to explode, unlike any other throwing item in the game. The Grenade can also earn you the secret achievement called Hidden Basket, where you must blow up the left wall of boxes to reveal another hidden basket. In the Boss level, the Grenade can blow up the fish tank on the right, revealing a secret basket in the form of a treasure chest. This secret basket can be only slightly seen and can still earn you points even before blown up.